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Join the only physician-owned Independent Physician Association (IPA) in the region. HPI seeks to enhance and promote healthier communities across Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Benefits of Joining an IPA

Highlands Physicians, Inc. offers a balance between independence and collaboration, providing physicians with the support they need to deliver high-quality, low-cost care while maintaining their professional autonomy. Our organization of independent practitioners supports each other while enjoying access to more resources and reducing costs. 

Together, we can accomplish more to IMPROVE healthcare outcomes and REDUCE costs in our area.

Learn more about our vital services and how we can strengthen your medical practice and increase profitability.

Services & Programs

Highlands Medical Management now offers additional services directly to the HPI physician members to enhance practice management, assist with billing operations, and navigate marketing challenges.

Highlands Physicians Health Network provides assistance with payor enrollment through our CEMS Program and also offers care coordination with our VBC Programs to help your office improve patient care.

Members Support

New and existing members of Highlands Physicians, Inc. enjoy exclusive benefits.
In addition to the services above, we offer support through the following departments: 


Highlands Physicians members can enjoy streamlined credentialing through the Highlands Physicians Health Network. Our organization seeks to exceed industry standards to ensure the highest physician integrity for our members. 


Highlands Physicians Provider Relations is the liaison between insurance companies and our member healthcare providers. We help with rate configuration, onboarding, system loads, maintaining provider records, and more. 

Network Development

Highlands Physicians is continually working to identify network development opportunities with new providers to fill gaps in our network as needed. We also provide network data on participating physicians and their contracts through HPI. 

Network Contracting

HPI physician members enjoy significant benefits through our IPA contract negotiations.

Together, we have more leverage and attraction for larger payouts and better quality for patients from Medicare, Medicaid, and other private insurance plans.

HPHN Contracts

Highlands Physicians holds over thirty MCO contracts, as well as  several direct employer group contracts and value-based care/gain-share contracts. Participating members enjoy better contract benefits than they could obtain on their own by becoming a part of an over 1700-member network.

Community Owned Health Plan

Apex is a community-owned health plan that changes the status quo of healthcare by creating products that are local and independent. Apex is committed to breaking down barriers to care and making healthcare more accessible for everyone.

That's why our plan features a groundbreaking design:
  • $0 Copay
  • $0 Deductible
  • $0 on Generic Prescriptions (when you see a Tier 1 provider)
Join us in reshaping the future of healthcare. Experience the difference with Apex: Your Community-Owned Health Plan!

Online Bill Pay

Payments are made easy with our online Bill Pay options.
To pay your bill online, you will need your invoice number and the amount you wish to pay. A digital receipt will be sent to you via email.

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2004 American Way, Ste. 201 Kingsport, TN, 37660